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Choose the right cosmetic container

Update: 08-09-2020

The evolution of cosmetic packaging is no less rapid th […]

The evolution of cosmetic packaging is no less rapid than the dosage form. The most recent impact on cosmetic packaging is the lifestyle of consumers from environmental protection to the daily popularization of mobile phones. With the increasing importance of packaging, brand owners are trying to attract consumers Eyeballs are constantly working on the container.


Choose the right cosmetic container for your formulation. All cosmetics, skin care products and medical products are chemicals, so they may react with other substances. The correct cosmetic container will ensure compatibility between packaging materials and formulations. If you have a preservative-free, organic or high-end medical formula, you should choose an airless bottle or jar. Airless pumps can protect sensitive products from contamination and provide up to 99% of products; even high-viscosity products such as toothpaste. For lotions, body oils, shampoos or shower gels, regular PET, HDPE or LDPE cosmetic bottles with good dispensing caps or pumps will do the job. Customized tools for PET and HDPE cosmetic bottles are suitable for customers seeking unique designs. As foaming facial cleansers become a new trend, the demand for foaming pump bottles is increasing. Foam pumps are also used in hair care products. If your product is too thick, like a body butter, a PP jar may be the ideal solution. Due to viscosity or aesthetic appeal, some skin care brands still prefer jar to bottle. The rise of airless cans allows brands to maintain the aesthetic charm of traditional cans while ensuring protection of the formula.

Does your cosmetic container speak to your target audience? When choosing and designing your cosmetic container, it is important to know what products you will sell, their social and economic status, gender and ethnicity. As consumers become more and more sophisticated, a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy no longer applies. Although most cosmetics and skin care products are sold to women, male skin care products have grown. Men’s packaging design is different from women’s packaging because they have different appeals. High-end consumers are more attracted to high-end packaging and sophisticated design. Even mass market consumers tend to use fashionable and modern packaging products as a sign of pursuit of higher value. In the competitive cosmetics and skin care business, it is important to be different from the crowd. Your packaging not only represents the values ​​of your product, but also distinguishes your brand from competitors.

Keep within your budget. Your packaging should be less than 5% of the product's retail price. This is a rule of thumb. If you have a high-end product with a retail price of more than 100 yuan, you can choose a variety of luxurious styles and even customize tools to achieve the desired effect.

If your budget is small and your product is not too expensive, a cosmetic container in PP, PET or HDPE plastic will do the job; but this does not mean that you can't brighten the shelves brightly. Technical advantages allow various decorations and finishes on cosmetic bottles to transform ordinary packaging into extraordinary packaging.