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What are the tips for choosing cosmetic container packaging materials

Update: 02-03-2021

Cosmetics generally rely on packaging to achieve good s […]

Cosmetics generally rely on packaging to achieve good sales. Plastics and glass are the main cosmetic container packaging materials in the current market. As for who will lead the trend in the future cosmetic packaging market, there are divergent opinions. With the continuous development of packaging materials, there are more and more packaging forms of modern cosmetics. Therefore, in order to better advertise products, it is more and more important to choose packaging materials suitable for various types of cosmetics.
General cosmetics are mostly in the form of liquids, creams or creams, and do not have a distinctive appearance. It must pass the exquisite and unique packaging design to show its own characteristics. Therefore, cosmetics generally rely on packaging to achieve good sales. Plastic and glass are currently the main cosmetic packaging container materials, and among them, plastic is used in a large amount.
Although there are many types of cosmetics with different functions, in terms of their external shape and suitability for packaging, there are mainly the following categories: solid cosmetics, solid granular (powder) cosmetics, liquid and emulsion cosmetics, cream cosmetics Wait. According to different forms, the packaging forms are different.
Cosmetics need to be used for a long time, so they must include the ability to isolate light, moisture, temperature, etc. For foundations, the requirements for isolating moisture are higher. If the moisture is too much, the powder will become viscous and not suitable for use. Some cosmetics will change color in places with strong light. In this case, the ability of light isolation needs to be strengthened. Therefore, transparent cosmetic packaging is not suitable, and it is necessary to add packaging materials that can block light. Material to achieve the purpose of isolating light.
Cosmetic containers and packaging must have a certain degree of sealing performance. After various environmental changes, they will not leak and deteriorate during long-term use. Like temperature changes, there will be a strong sense of vibration during transportation, or impact when it is lost. In this case, it is necessary to use some materials with relatively high hardness to prevent the cosmetic packaging from deforming, thereby ensuring the performance of the seal.

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