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Four popular elements of bottle design

Update:21 Jun

Two-sided printing extended labels
If your product is a transparent liquid, packed in a transparent bottle, then there is a way to give you more packaging design space and the cost is very low. I mean you can print something on the back of the label. Of course, regular information cannot be placed on the back of the label, but you can print things like debates, stories about the company, or suggestions for better product use. This is a very simple way to give your customers more information without destroying the image of the packaging.
Designing packaging for the characteristics of the customer base
Unilever's AXE series of packaging products has a very clear positioning-young people aged between 18 and 35. So their packaging design focuses on attracting these people. The packaging bottles of this series are thick molded black plastic containers with a rough appearance, which are very popular with these young people. It is as easy to install shower gel as it is to install lubricant.
Designing reusable packaging
The small beverage market has matured and competition is extremely fierce. If you think there is nothing new here, then you are wrong. A foreign tea company introduced special packaging. The product it launches is unique in itself-tea with pomegranate juice. The packaging is worth mentioning. The drink is housed in a commonly-used long glass with a lid and heat-shrink label on it that says: Remove the label and leave the bottle. The product is about $ 2.79 a bottle, which is not expensive for bottled tea, but you can get a free glass bottle without worrying about recycling.
Make the packaging fun
Interesting packaging isn't just for children's patents. Adults also like fun things. Occupying the mainstream design style of children's product packaging, such as bright colors and different general shapes, can also be used in adult product packaging design, as long as it is more refined. The industry that first incorporated the "interesting" element in packaging design was the wine industry. Just take a moment to browse the small local shops and you will find many wine bottle labels with horses, penguins, kangaroos, frogs, swans and more. There is no need to prepare a penguin-shaped bottle, just printing a penguin on it is enough to make it stand out.