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Development of airless bottles

Update: 06-03-2020

Nowadays, the use of vacuum bottles in the packaging of […]

Nowadays, the use of vacuum bottles in the packaging of cosmetics is becoming more and more extensive, which can reduce the contact of the contents of the bottles with air. At present, the use of vacuum bottles in China's cosmetics is still relatively small, mainly because of the high requirements for production, we will introduce the development of vacuum bottles.
Because the vacuum bottle can meet consumers' requirements for cosmetic packaging and practicality, the demand is still relatively large. But because it is more complicated to produce, it is not enough in terms of development speed. The introduction of the airless bottle can be said to just conform to the latest development trend of skin care products, which can ensure the quality of the product. The vacuum bottle can simplify the complex fresh-keeping structure. Nowadays, the bottle is usually composed of a bottle body and a piston, which is convenient for storing various skin care products.
The rapid development of airless bottles allows cosmetics manufacturers to produce pure natural cosmetics to ensure the quality of cosmetics. The entire vacuum bottle is integrated, which can not only ensure the true vacuum, but also simplify the use of parts and save resources, and it is particularly easy to recycle.
Although airless bottles are not widely used in the field of cosmetics, we believe that with the continuous change of consumer demand and the continuous improvement of production technology, airless bottles will definitely do better, so that consumers can use them with confidence.