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Cosmetics bottle manufacturers talk about the caution of plastic bottle reuse

Update: 23-06-2020

Plastic bottle reuse is harmful to your health, and thi […]

Plastic bottle reuse is harmful to your health, and this common-sense knowledge is gaining popularity among more and more young people. However, in the vast rural areas and some urban-rural junctions, it is clear that this common sense knowledge has not been popularized.

In the packaging market, plastic bottles are often used repeatedly by some housewives. At present, the sales volume of bagged cooking wine, soy sauce and vinegar in the market has been good in recent years. These bags of condiments require containers to hold them. Many times, some used beverage bottles and mineral water bottles become condiment bottles. Some large-capacity wide-mouth plastic food bottles have become used by many families for marinating.

From the birth of plastic to today, the plastic products of cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers have gone through a hundred years of history together with human beings, and have made indelible contributions to social and economic progress and the improvement of people's living standards. Nowadays, plastic products are basically high-molecular compounds with stable chemical structure. Although some toxic substances do exist, they are unlikely to be released under normal temperature or freezing conditions. Plastic products such as cola bottles and mineral water bottles will deform after being filled with boiling water, but it does not affect their safe use, but the appearance has changed greatly. The internal molecular structure has not changed substantially, nor will it produce toxic or harmful substances. . When using a metal brush to clean plastic bottles, even if the plastic bottles are worn on the outside or inside, they only damage the surface finish without causing damage to the molecular structure. As for containing corrosive acid and alkali solutions, plastic materials are safe packaging materials.


In fact, plastic bottles also have "identity cards". According to relevant experts from the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, plastic product bottles generally have a triangle with three arrows, which means they can be recycled. The recycling mark is a common law in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries. As early as 1996, my country issued the "Plastic Packaging Products Recycling Mark". With the development of science and technology today, the engineering and technical personnel of cosmetics packaging bottle manufacturers are fully capable of ensuring the safety of plastic food packaging for human health. Therefore, as long as plastic products bottles or containers are qualified products produced by regular manufacturers according to technical standards and used properly , Will not release chemical pollutants, people can rest assured to reuse.

Knowing the materials and properties of plastic products, it is not difficult to find that the key to ensuring their safety is temperature. Therefore,airless bottle packaging manufacturers recommend that citizens use hot water and hot food as little as possible in normal use. They are not plastic products for microwave ovens, and do not use microwave ovens for heating. In addition, plastic products should not be left in the refrigerator for a long time, especially in the freezer. Low temperatures will cause plastic degradation and increase the risk of harmful chemicals entering the food. When thawing, remove the plastic bag or take it out of the fresh-keeping box