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Cosmetics bottle manufacturers on the advantages of daily use of bioplastics

Update: 09-06-2020

From an environmentally friendly perspective, the advan […]

From an environmentally friendly perspective, the advantages of bioplastics are obvious. Because the raw materials are produced from plants rather than fossil fuels, they save a lot of energy. In addition, they also greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions during the entire production process. Because from the beginning of the raw material to the processing of the product, the plant will collect the carbon dioxide. Data show that for every 1 kg of traditional polypropylene plastics produced, 3.15 kg of carbon dioxide are emitted; for every 1 kg of bioplastics produced, 1.4 kg of carbon dioxide are emitted. It can be seen that bioplastic is a very energy-saving and environmentally friendly material. Cosmetics bottle manufacturers have also begun to make more green and environmentally friendly cosmetic containers from this aspect.

The production of degradable plastics is currently in its infancy in the world. According to the degradation mechanism, degradable plastics can be roughly divided into photodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics and photo-biological dual-degradable plastics. Among them, due to the high price, photodegradable plastics can only be degraded under the light, which is greatly restricted by geographical environment and climate, and the buried parts cannot be degraded. Many shortcomings will eventually withdraw from the historical stage.
Biodegradable plastics with complete degradation characteristics and photo/biological dual degradation plastics with photo-biological dual degradation characteristics have attracted the attention of researchers from all over the world and become the main research and development direction and industrial development direction at present.
Burning is obviously not a good way, because burning plastic waste will produce a lot of dioxins, which greatly pollutes the environment and is opposed by people of all countries. Landfill is also not a good choice. Especially as the population grows and the use of plastic bags continues to increase, the space for landfilling this treatment method is actually very limited.
Plastic is undoubtedly powerful, it can help us solve many problems. Cosmetics bottle manufacturers recommend that it must also reinvent itself in the coming decades. Resources and environmental issues are directly related to short-lived plastic products. Plastics have been widely used, but their recycling is often difficult. This is why plastic products must be recyclable, otherwise they will put a lot of burden on the environment.