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Cosmetic packaging three materials

Update: 19-10-2019

To achieve the circulation of cosmetics and enhance the […]

To achieve the circulation of cosmetics and enhance the image of cosmetics
In the era of global commodity economy, cosmetics is a popular fashion item. It is a microcosm of the era of pursuing beauty. Cosmetic packaging, as an accessory to cosmetics, plays an important role in reflecting the value of cosmetic products.
Cosmetic packaging mainly has the following forms:
1. Plastic bottles: usually PP, PE, AS, PET, etc., usually used as cream bottles, bottle caps, etc. Among them, PET materials are environmentally friendly materials with good high barrier properties, strong transparency and transparency. It is used frequently.
2, glass bottles: strong transparency, noble fashion, often used in essential oils, perfumes, nail polish and other packaging
3. Hose: The hose is generally divided into single layer, double layer, five layers, etc. It has excellent gas barrier property, which can effectively prevent oxygen and other odorous gases from volatilizing and affecting the quality of cosmetics.