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Airless bottles play an important role in the cosmetics industry

Update: 14-02-2020

Nowadays, some cosmetic bottles that people use are vac […]

Nowadays, some cosmetic bottles that people use are vacuum bottles that can be squeezed. We can press them when using them, which is very convenient.
If the cosmetic vacuum bottle is extruded, then you need to have a better choice of the bottle material. It should not be easily broken. It is best to choose a plastic material that is not easy to break and the pressure it will withstand. It is also relatively strong. Generally speaking, the bottles containing cosmetics will have a freely moving site inside the bottle, and then they will slowly move upwards during use. When the contents of the bottle are almost used up, the tray will Closer to the top of the bottle.
Open the lid again, and then push the removable tray to the bottom. Rinse the bottle many times, because the skin care products need to be relatively clean, and then you can put in the cosmetics. If the pressure is not enough, you can try Press a few times, and then you can squeeze out the cosmetics more easily.
The above is our brief introduction to the cosmetic vacuum bottle. I believe that everyone also has an understanding of the role played by the vacuum bottle. Of course, we must pay careful attention to it during the use.