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Airless bottle has strong sealing performance

Update: 22-02-2020

At present, the requirements of bottle caps of people a […]

At present, the requirements of bottle caps of people are getting higher and higher, and the sealing performance of vacuum bottle caps is good. Now vacuum bottles have become an indispensable fresh-keeping item in people's lives, especially for the preservation of cosmetics and food. We need to have a good understanding of the vacuum bottle so that good results can be achieved in the process of use.


Vacuum bottles usually have an oval container with a freely moving piston at the bottom of the bottle. This works by extracting air from the bottle by using the elastic nature of the spring, so that the bottle is guaranteed to be in a vacuum. In the state, we can use the pressure to make the piston move, so as to ensure a best state in the bottle.
Because many cosmetics contain substances that are easily infected, we must use vacuum bottles in a timely manner to isolate the contents of the bottles from the air. These cosmetics usually contain amino acids, hyaluronic acids and so on, so you must pay attention to keeping clean, if it is polluted, it will produce harmful substances to the human body. Using the contents of the vacuum bottle, it is not easy to react with the air and lose the effect it should have, and the good effect of the use of the vacuum bottle will be displayed
Through the above introduction, we can know that airless bottles have many benefits. Therefore, when choosing a vacuum bottle, pay attention to choosing a safe and reliable manufacturer in order to play the role of the vacuum bottle.