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The trend of cosmetic packaging bottle customization

Update: 05-08-2021

New retail and new manufacturing. Recently, with the co […]

New retail and new manufacturing. Recently, with the continuous evolution of artificial intelligence and the introduction of various new technologies, more and more new concepts and technologies have begun to affect traditional industries, including the cosmetics industry. For cosmetics, sales have gone from traditional counters to online sales and then to the micro-business area, and now all this is changing. Personalized customization of cosmetics has now become a trend. For the customization of cosmetics, it is inseparable from the personalized customization of cosmetic packaging bottles.
With a fast-paced lifestyle, the frequency cycle of changing products must be gradually accelerating. The customization of traditional cosmetic packaging bottles is no longer suitable for the needs of market development, and more changes are needed in the way of customization.
So what is the custom way for novel cosmetic packaging bottles?
1. The MOQ must be small batch
Because of the rise of online platforms to bring goods, many brands are in small batches, but at the same time they require products to have the characteristics of independent other products, so packaging has become the most important publicity highlight. Customization of traditional cosmetic packaging materials often requires a minimum order quantity of hundreds of thousands, so small brands will certainly not be able to bear it, so the future trend of customization must be small-batch customization.
2. Have the strength of R&D and innovation
It is also mentioned above that the FMCG market first pays attention to the word “fast”, so cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers must have their own R&D and design department, and develop and design explosive models, innovative models, and lead the market in accordance with changes in market demand data. The speed of product update iterations.
Therefore, in the future, with the increasing demand for customization of cosmetic bottles, the cosmetic bottle packaging industry will usher in new changes. For those cosmetic bottle packaging companies that do not have design strength, they will face reshuffle and elimination. This is inevitable. For cosmetic bottle companies, this trend will be inevitable. Therefore, it is very important to work hard to embrace and change.